For many celebrities, an Oscar red carpet cameo takes months of preparation.
Do you Have a banquet schedule? At Hair Bian House of Beauty, we cater to both the pre-planned events and those last minute moments which happen which can’t be planned or scheduled. Regardless of how much lead time you have, we can vie you a facial lift for the extra glow. Our therapists can design a plan meeting your requirements and matched to your calendar and subject to your availability. 

Hair Bian is the only one in London offering “targeted toning’, a facial and body treatment which reduces the appearance of lines and cellulite. All body parts can be treated even the day of a red carpet-type event. We stand apart from the crowd by offering our patrons a face analysis utilising our state-of-the-art machine. The equipment looks deeply into your skin and reports back problematic areas. The analyser enables your therapist to determine the action required, regardless of the issue: fine lines or acne created marks and discoloration.  

Our signature facials deliver real results while you experience a thorough facial cleans using masks, moisturisers and each end with the Bian Ice rollers which minimise pores enlarged by steam. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Each of our facials restores the skin’s vitality through masks and age-defying massage. 


Hydra O2 Facial

Hydra O2 Facial is so much more than just another facial... It's an experience!

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Cool peel

Active vitamins are introduced to the skin via iontophoresis during the Algi mask phase of the treatment.

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Deep Cleansing

A facial for skin requiring exfoliation of dead, dry and dull skin allowing skin to be refreshed and hydrated.

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Hydra Boost

Environ hydra boost treatment is the must have treatment for those suffering from dry skin.

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Vita Me

This facial will restore a youthful appearance as the complexion is revived firmed and lifted. Ideal for skin that needs balance and lifting.

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A Personalised facial using selective products to suit your skin needs.

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Age reverse – Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is incredibly popular in treating fine lines, superficial blemishes and marks.

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Pre-Party Facial

The Best Facial for any occasion for a guaranteed radiant gleam , Celebrities choice for a Pre-Party Glow.

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Tea Tree

Tea Tree facial using exfoliating mask which contains Australian Green Clay and Tea Tree that help draw out any impurities as well as kill off bacteria.

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A facial using products infused with a blend of fruit enzymes that have exfoliating properties to remove dead and damaged skin.

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Purifying treatment

A facial for the busy bees looking to purify their skin.

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