At Hair Bian's Lash Bar, we go beyond beautiful semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Experience the impact of Russian Lash extensions and get inspired by beautiful and creative lash looks. Witness how adding length, volume, colour, and lift to your eyelashes can transform your eyes and extend your beauty®.

Developed to mimic your natural eyelashes, single or multiple Lashes are applied to a single eyelash, resulting in a gorgeous, natural appearance.

Using a proprietary adhesive, Eyelash Extensions are only applied by a trained and certified Lash Stylist. 

Extra Thick: The application of one thick eyelash extension to every natural lash along the upper lash line.

Full Set: The application of one extension to every natural eyelash along the upper lash line.

Half Set: The application of one extension to every other natural eyelash along the upper lash line.

Lower Lashes: The application of extensions to your lower lash line (this will be done with your eyes open).

Lash Removal: The safe removal of extensions from your natural lashes. Lash Maintenance is recommended to keep your lashes looking fresh for as long as you wish to continue wearing eyelash extensions. We will tidy the extensions, removing any that may have come loose from the natural lash and replace with new extensions.

Lash maintenance can only be done if you still have eyelash extensions.


Price List

Extra Thick | Price: £145
Full Set | Price: £130
Half Set | Price: £75
Corner Flicks | Price: £40
Lower Lashes | Price: £30
Lash Removal | Price: £20


Russian Lashes

Russian Layering For a fuller, more voluminous look, choose Lash Perfect Volume treatments! Involving the application of several fine synthetic lashes to each of your natural lashes; volume treatments are long lasting, light to wear and will not damage your eyelashes.

Full Set 3D-4D (2Hours) | Price: £180
Full Set 5D-6D (2Hours) | Price: £200
Maintenance (30mins) | Price: £50
Maintenance (45mins) | Price: £65
Maintenance (60mins) | Price: £90



Spoil yourself and pay later..

Bespoke payment plans available across all our treatments. Contact us for further information:

  • Pay a small deposit upfront
  • Spread the cost of your service over the offered period
  • No additional cost to you
  • Our Client relations manager can send you an information pack via email or post
  • Our Client relations manager can sign you up within 48 hours

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