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Hair Bian & Beauty offers you your own dedicated Skin Expert who will assist you to achieve radiant, youthful looking skin that’s healthy inside and out.

Here at Hair Bian & Beauty we take a very holistic approach to skin health and we are dedicated to non-surgical anti-ageing treatments with real results.  We have invested in state-of-the-art anti-ageing technology, Environ medical grade skin care range with oral vitamins; as well as developing a highly knowledgeable team who can plan your steps to beautiful skin:


3 Steps to Beautiful Skin


1 - Consultation to determine what skin type you are.

The process begins with a detailed consultation with your Skin Expert; it takes around 40 mins to determine your skin type and to assess what is affecting the condition of your skin such as diet, lifestyle, fitness and other factors such as age and sun exposure.

2 - Skin Analysis

During your consultation, we will analyse your skin with our Skin Analysis machine that graphically pinpoints various skin conditions that can’t be detected with the naked eye, such as wrinkle areas, blemishes, open pores, rosacea, freckles, sunspots, acne, oily skin, dry skin etc. Once this visual report has been reviewed with your Skin Expert and you have expressed your main concerns then a bespoke plan of action can be implemented to reach your desired result.

3 - The Skin Rejuvenation Package

Book your consultation today to start your plan!Good skin is not obtained overnight and if you are wanting optimal results you will need to be open and committed to looking after your skin in a new way.  A detailed and tailor-made plan will be created to move your skin into recovery and rejuvenation; this will result in optimal skin health. Each person will have a different plan as each person has a different skin type and unique skin conditions. Usually a course of facial treatments that target problem areas such as jaw-line tightening e.g. a course of radio frequency is very effective in this case as it kick-starts the facial muscles, we also offer combination medical grade skin care product range such as Environ that has Vitamin A as its cornerstone ingredient. The Environ skin-care approach is a time-released vitamin application that steps up the strength over a duration of time  - see their ‘Step Up’ page for more info: https://www.environskincare.com/step-up/.

Book your consultation today to start your plan!

Try Before You Buy!

Try before you buy one of our skin treatments with your Skin Expert for £25, if you love the treatment we will redeem the £25 against the treatment you book. Hair Bian & Beauty together we are beautiful.

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