Crowning Glory… Ladies Take Your Power Back!

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Crowning Glory… Ladies Take Your Power Back!

New hair volume and length for thin hair at Hair Bian

They say a women’s crowning glory is her hair, but you may be one of the many who are experiencing hair loss or have thinning hair…be reassured that you are not alone as there is an increasing number of people with the same problem. Their hair breaks off, continues to get thinner, or even falls out leading to bald spots.

This can be very distressing for the person who is experiencing this. Women especially feel deeply affected by hair loss: They feel vulnerable, unattractive, and a lack of confidence. Women going through the menopausal phase feel like they are losing their femininity and vitality and hair loss is very common.

Causes of fine hair and hair loss:

  • Genetic predisposition: Many people have very fine hair or not very much of it as a result of their natural genetic predisposition.
  • Environmental influences: Factors such as stress and toxic substances can lead to hair loss
  • Nutrition: Diet has a substantial influence on hair and skin health.
  • Aging process: With increasing age the strength and amount of hair decreases.
  • Hormonal issues: various illnesses, medications, as well as pregnancy can cause hormonal side effects leading to hair loss


  • Decreased hair overall
  • Lengths and ends get thinner and duller
  • Attractive styles are even harder to achieve
  • Scalp becomes more visible, especially in the crown area
  • Bald spots will often form
  • Styling products don’t suffice to cover up the problem anymore
  • Serums and similar products are hardly any help

Most women desire to have full, lustrous healthy hair and this is now possible at Hair Bian’s Fulham salon where clients have access to hair lengthening and volumisation expertise.

Hair volume with hair lengthening and thickening systems by Hair Bian!

Hair Bian offers a wide range of hair solutions using 100% real human hair, returning natural volume to fine and thinning hair and making it possible to fulfill any hair dream. Even with bald spots.  All this is made possible with a unique range of systems including hair thickening, hair supplementation and hair replacement, which enhance the client’s own hair undetectable. Careful consultation and correct application techniques ensure no damage to natural hair.

The correct weight of hair extension, type of extension (tape in, nano rings etc), colour, highlights, length, thickness is all assessed at your consultation to ensure the health and safety of your natural hair.Take your power back today and book your consultation for your own special hair creation.

Food for thought: Bian means secretive in Vietnamese. Most of our products were made in Vietnam a country known for its organic ingredients. We believe that our hair extensions are so natural that no one will know you have it...Shhhh

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